Zero-waste fused moon earrings

Really wearable, fused zero-waste recycled silver or brass drop earrings. They're around 5mm diameter, drop around 15mm from the bottom of your ear-lobe and are a little bit un-even with texture with a few crevices like the moon...

They're made from the off-cuts left after I've cut out the pebble earrings, so there's no waste of any metal.

You can order them in clean, satin finish eco-silver, a bit oxidised to bring out the markings a bit or in brass with silver wires..

All my jewellery is gift-wrapped in tissue or recycled giftboxes

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What is ecosilver?

Eco-silver is a green alternative to sterling silver. It is a little bit more expensive but has the same silver content as sterling, it's just made of 100% recycled and scrap silver products. Eco Silver can be both treated and worked with in the same way as silver, for the same quality results but more environmentally friendly. Produced from scrap jewellery, medical equipment, electronics and giftware, all the eco silver I use comes with a certificate of authenticity and is hallmarked if it is the required weight.
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