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Sarah Drew Jewellery?

at Top Drawer 2019

boulder opal rings

It's been a bit of a rubbish year for retail hasn't it, but I hope you've managed to keep going and found some positives: I've got frustrated with constantly re-planning but I've enjoyed the lie-ins, time with my lads and dogs, and reading more.

I love working with shops and galleries to supply them wholesale with my recycled jewellery collections. I've just set up a private wholesale group on Facebook if you fancy joining it here: sarahdrewwholesale. I've put current collections on there with wholesale prices and I'm planning on doing regular live online 'trade fairs': there's one booked for this Wednesday 27th January at noon.

I also thought we could maybe talk about problems facing retail on there; share things we've heard about to help each other; what makers and designers can do to help; and basically have a chat. 

www.creoate.com wholesale shopping site

I also have a shop on www.creoate.com which is a wholesale site offering retailers the chance to buy from independant makers like me and get 60 days free credit, which might be helpful at the moment? It's low minimum order, they also do lots of offers like free shipping and money off incentives: it works really well for me and I don't pay a large commission so I'm happy to work with them.

Alternatively just email me on sarah@sarahdrew.com or call 07951 960647 if you'd like to have a chat about ideas or things you're looking for. Be nice to have a chat...