Zero-waste silver pendant with beach-plastic

medium | recycled silver/beach plastic | necklace
Fused zero-waste silver pendant with a lovely little asymmetric beach plastic charm to add a bit of colour.

It's made from the silver offcuts left over from cutting out my pebble earrings and sea-glass rings. The plastic comes from Portknockie beach, near Inverness, sent to me by a lovely collector who lives there.

They're available in satin finish silver, antiques or oxidised. Each one will be slightly different: it's around 16mm diameter but you can request a smaller or larger one, just ask and I'll let you know the price. Let me know which colour you'd like for the plastic too :-)

All my jewellery is gift-wrapped in recycled tissue

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery: I'm on a working/making trip around Europe and delivery will take a bit longer to get to you. Follow my journey here if you like: https://www.instagram.com/place.andfound :-)

Thank you for your orders and patience x

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