Recycled t-shirt bangle

Soft statement bangle made from old, recycled t-shirts: perfect for everyday...

If you like you can send me your old t-shirts and I can make them into necklaces, bangles and even little crocheted bowls to keep odds and ends in: new things with zero-waste.

These are being sold to support our School of Make: we offer free monthly craft workshops for local teenagers to help with mental health, confidence, making friends and opening up possibilities of creative careers.

100% of the sales of the crocheted necklaces, bangles and bowls will go towards paying for materials, tutors and venue hire so that young people between 11 and 18 who maybe can't always access extra-curricular activities can join in and have a go at learning new techniques in a friendly, chilled environment...

Just let me know in the message box what colour you'd like ideally :-)
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