Large sea-plastic statement necklace £124

large erosion pebble eco-silver ring, £54 and hammered eco-silver bangle, £46

found slate, sea-plastic and onyx necklace with eco-silver, £89

large statement sea-plastic Collage necklace, £128

found rusty washers and oxidised eco-silver handmade chain, £118

silver set rust necklace with moss agate, £92

sea-glass and eco-silver statement ring £62 and collection of 2mm eco-silver and recycled bottle-glass bangles, from £48

sapphire and eco-silver necklace, £74

verdigris polymer and eco-silver earrings, £14

hammered 9ct eco-gold handmade chain, £384

sea-plastic and driftwood statement necklace, £94



Photography - Joseph Barker
Style - Sarah Drew
Model - Kayla Bowers